Monday, March 24, 2008

Runners Against Convetional Wisdom

I think I will start an organization called R.A.C.W. (runners against conventional wisdom). Everything I have posted to this blog seems to be controversial: running injured, running in the dark, running barefoot... I haven't even mentioned running on an empty stomach, running on a full stomach, running dehydrated, or running with diarrhea (just kidding, but unfortunately too many endurance runners know what I am saying). Anyway, though the above mentioned aren't necessarily recommended as training methods , I do want to write a little about each of them in the next few posts (except running with diarrhea, I'll leave that for the imagination) and I hope it will get a lot of stories from other runners who can relate to each topic. Interested? Stay tuned.

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Argentine Rocket said...


Thank you for your advice on my shin injury. I think you are right... sometimes it makes more sense to listen to other runners and their experiences than to a doctor (a lot of times).
I enjoy reading your blog!


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