Monday, March 3, 2008

Running Injured

Well, I must be in training again because I have an injury. My left heel is bruised. But something I find interesting about injuries in running is how they apply to our lives. Conventional wisdom (whatever that is) may tell us to stop running when something is injured, but running with an injury can actually benefit us in many ways. This is also true when we go through a trying time in our lives (an injury if you will). Those around us might say, "You need some time off", "You need to get away," or "You need to give up" whatever it is you are trying to accomplish, but the truth is:

1. "Running on an injury" can help us learn how to avoid future injuries.

2. "Running on an injury" can teach us about pain management and toughen us up.

3. "Running on an injury" gives us a chance to slow down and focus on our form.

I'm sure I could think of many other benefits. Maybe you can e-mail some suggestions or argue with me if you'd like.


Argentine Rocket said...

The biggest reason I can think of for NOT running on an injury for a little while is the possibility of injuring yourself further, possibly even irreversibly... this comes from a runner (non-ultra) who's been resting a sore shin for a month and after a 6-mile run today discovered she's still injured. So, I appreciate your attempt to make us feel better about injuries but they still suck :)

Rocky Randall said...

They do, no doubt. And there is definitly a time to stop for a while, but I just think there are benefits to continuing your training (no more than a week off) if you can do it (maybe you just have to know your own body).

nockee said...

Interesting Post. Training for a 50 miler for my first ultra run in 6 years I have hit a weird piriformis/lower back injury that I am realizing I have to run through as sitting out and not running has not helped me. I think there is a time when you need rest, but these weird and mysterious injuries that come 3 weeks before the event we have never felt before sometime need to be fought head on with extreme prejudice. I often wonder if phantom injuries come on prior to huge events you have been planning for due to heightened awareness on your body as well as plain paranoia that somehow you will be dissapointed and miss out due to some injury. Hard to say, but interesting to say the least.

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