Monday, May 19, 2008

13.1 Mi., 80 Degrees, Fully Clothed?!

The results of the Sooner State Games half-marathon are in: click here.

Everything was great--weather included--but my legs just weren't ready to beat last year's time. I was about 3 minutes behind last year's time of 1hr 51minutes. I still ran it in under 9 minute miles though, so I'm not going to complain (especially since I hadn't ran much at all in the last month).

And speaking of the weather, almost everyone I talked to asked me if I had regretted wearing sweats. After all, I believe the temperature reached the eighties and everyone else wore short shorts and tank tops--or something similar.

The truth is that I didn't regret it. The t-shirt material suited me just fine. My legs didn't sweat much and my 3/4 sleeved shirt soaked up the sweat on my upper-body cooling down my body.

I'm not sure why running has become a contest to see who can wear the least amount of clothes. As far as I know, only one runner ran bare-chested, but I believe I was the only one wearing sweatpants.

I admit that there was a time I liked to run with very little covering, but now modesty takes precedence and since I always run "clothed", my body doesn't know the difference.

So, next time you see a group of runners racing down the road, look for the one that is fully clothed--It just might be me. And feel free to hand me some water or something to snack on!

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