Friday, August 22, 2008

Low mileage training...Ok?

I have been doing some reading that has made me feel a bit better about my training:Click here to find out more.

This advice is quite contradictory to some of the young fireballs that are out there today. Anton Krupicka logged in some 200+ mile weeks training for Western States (unfortunately it was cancelled, and in some regards, all that training was wasted). I admire such training and wish I had the time and the motivation to do it, but with my busy schedule and a family who needs my attention, I have found that the importance of the weekly long run far exceeds the total weekly mileage.

Also, I don't feel so bad about having a 10-mile week after a 30 mile run--it keeps the injuries down-- just as long as I get right back to the 30-mile long run, or even more, in the following week. Anyway, this is going to have to be the way I train for this 100-miler because the time just isn't there.

Thank you Jeff for your comment on my last post. I have been able to keep my head up, and after a 30-mile run tonight, i just might have my confidence back. I still plan on doing a 50-miler before November, and on at least one occasion I would like to do back to back 20-milers.

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