Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mother Road behind me--No looking back

Well, it turns out I have to chalk the Mother Road 100 up as a training run. I dropped at at about 65 miles. Instead of listing a bunch of excuses and whining about how I should have done this and I should have done that...I will just say, I dropped!

But I have been very positive about the whole thing. I have no injuries from those 65 miles. In fact I am almost completely recovered just 2 and 1/2 days later (plan on going jogging tonight). I think I can keep training and have not only another
100-mile race in me, but maybe even a respectable time if all goes well.

So I will begin training for the Rocky Raccoon (always wanted to run it because of the name) which is a 100-mile trail run in--February!!! Cold, I know, but I will prepare for it. I will give more details about it later, but for now, thanks for your support.


Joel said...

Congrat on your attitude about MR100. 65 miles is still along way and somedays are just not meant to be - better to let them go and refocus on your next goal. I plan on pacing a friend at Rocky and look forward to seeing you there


Jeff said...

I've thought that Rocky Raccoon looked like an attractive 100-miler. Nice 20-mile loops on trails in cool weather.

Sorry to hear about your DNF at Mother Road, but keep up that positive attitude and train hard for Rocky Raccoon!

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