Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I'm back--I hope

Evidence of how long it has been since I gave an update, the clips on the sidebar are from the day after Christmas. I went for a run through my folk's neighborhood in Kansas (we were there to celebrate the season with my folks). As you can see, there wasn't a lot out there, but I sure enjoyed the run (despite fighting the wind for the 8 miles or whatever it was).

But on a discouraging note, It was the last time I ran for over a month--save a couple warm-up jogs before some of the few workouts I did at the gym. This is the longest I had been without running in over 3 years.

I have, however, managed to start back up, and surprisingly, my time off didn't hurt my speed too much--just my endurance. I am only running about four miles at a time (maintaining anywhere from an 8 min/mi. to a 9 1/2 min/mi pace).

I am thinking about running in the Sooner State Games trail run in a couple of weeks (it looks like there will be a 15 miler this year) But unfortunately Rocky Raccoon 100 miler is off. I have been too busy with my business to train. And besides, I have been eating myself into a much flabbier figure--yes, ever since the holidays my diet had gone out the window with my running. Worst yet, I now have to admit that the Mother Road 100 was not a training run but a failure (still now discouraged though, there is always next time).


Reese said...

Welcome back.

Rocky said...

Thanks. Good luck at Rocky Racoon--I wish I could have run with you some there.

salmiler said...

hey rocky,

Way to go bud...Keep up the good running!!! I saw your comment posted on the article about Sara bei hall. My lifestyle is also... on the run, R U?


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