Tuesday, November 10, 2009

"Suicidal" Hydration

Saturday night I ended the week with run around Lake Hefner (9.5 miles). The run went well once I got started. I was able to run comfortably at a little over a 9min/mile pace. But you have to be a runner to appreciate what I did right before my run.

I could tell right away I was going to have a hydration problem. I hadn't drank a whole lot that day, and most of what I did drink was caffinated and brown. I have been eating moderately healthy as I am trying to lose a lot of access weight, but I give in on the weekends to my beloved Coke and/or Coffee. So before my run I went to the fountain to fill up my liter bottle...What?! Shut off already?!!!

I didn't have the time or desire to drive somewhere to get water and then come back to begin my run. And I wasn't going to drink the water from Lake Hefner (I may want another kid some day and I would like her to have only two eyes). But after a quick survival mode survey of the van, I was able to come up with several left-over drinks that our family acquired during church bus visitation that afternoon. And so I added a little watered down root beer here, a little watered down Coke there, ice from this cup, water from that cup, etc. till my liter bottle was full.

It did the trick and I stayed well hydrated (it even added a tiny bit of the much needed fructose for my blood sugar). But it did taste rather...interesting!

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Charlie said...

Nice work with the drink combinations. Seems like they shut off the water earlier every year.

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