Monday, July 9, 2012

Just another excuse

I determined a while back, that if I could keep from hurting myself too badly, I would start training again for some ultra marathon running. Something that I thought I would never be able to do again after shattering my tibia/fibula bones and getting them put back together with two plates and about 16 screws.

I'm glad to say that I've gotten up to about 15 mile jogs on the Prairie Spirit Rail-Trail (link on the sidebar). This is pretty exciting to me. However, I must admit that it comes with some new limitations. I have to be extremely careful not to twist my ankle or anything, and so I take every step very carefully. Also, there is the time factor. I mean, who has time to run two to three hours a day to train for ultra marathons that they definitely aren't getting paid to run? In fact, you have to pay quite a bit to even enter these races. Besides this, I know I am not fast enough and never will be to win any of these races? So why start training again? ...I don't really know. I guess, just to see if I can.

So, once again, I find myself waking up before the sun rises. I'm fighting dehydration and drinking a whole lot more water. I'm trying to eat better so I have better energy. I'm back to fighting chaffing in sensitive areas, blisters and planters warts, achy muscles and sore feet...Oh yeah, and I'm back to thinking up crazy excuses to get in the mileage for "good causes."

I started something I have actually wanted to start for a while. I call it "Prairie Steps" (Just like the title of this blog...what a coincidence.) I take a group of teens from our youth group and we go for an early Monday morning hike. After 5 miles or so, we come to a place where we can have a light breakfast and a Bible devotion before being shuttled back home. It has been a real blessing, and one (very little) blessing that has come out of this is another excuse to "get in the miles."

Then, I came up with an excuse to train for 7-8 hours with out feeling too totally selfish with my time. It's my 35th birthday run (jog/hike). I'll be turning 35 this week, and so I have planned to go for a 35 mile jog/hike which will help me get a little closer to being ready for another ultra marathon. Not quite sure how this will go in the middle of the summer with hardly enough training and preparation, but I am going to give it a try. I've already told my wife that the only gift I want from her this year is that she and the kids would be my "crew members," and bring me food and drinks along the way. Then afterwards, if I can find an appetite, we will go out to eat. I'll try to give a detailed report about the day on this blog and on Facebook.

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