Saturday, December 29, 2012

(Week 2) "More Of The Same"

Week two was very much a repeat of week one.  I found that biking got a little easier, and I was able to hike a bit faster without much effort.  Thankfully, everything seems strong and I am ready to add some jogging.  But I will wait another week before adding more distance.  I did terrible on my diet as the holidays are coming near and there is plenty of junk to choose from, but that is not my main focus now.  After Christmas I will focus more on that, but for now I just want to get some early miles in on my legs and establish a pattern of making myself get out no matter the time or the weather.

Monday           am: 2 hour speed hike on the Prairie Spirit trail
Tuesday           am: 2 hour bike ride on the Prairie Spirit trail/pm: stretches and ab workout
Wednesday      pm: light weights, legs
Thursday          am: 2 hour speed hike on the Prairie Spirit trail (near blizzard conditions)
Friday              pm: 1 hour stationary bike/stretch and abs
Saturday          workout cancelled
Sunday             off

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