Thursday, April 25, 2013

Just Get It Over With!

You have surely, at some point, tested the water out with your toe before jumping in the water.  Fifteen minutes later you are up to your thighs, but you don't want to go any further because it is just too cold. Surely you have tried peeling the Band Aid off a little at a time because you were afraid if you ripped it off it would hurt.  Perhaps you have tried giving up an addiction by taking "baby steps."  Cut back a little, try a patch or some sort of substitute... Well, I'm here to be the guy that says, "Just get it over with and jump in!" "Rip that Band Aid off!" 

I know the feeling, trust me I do.  Right now, I am struggling to get up out of bed every morning, read my Bible, and go for my intended "daily" run.  The bed is so nice and warm. "I'll just sleep a bit longer..."  I need to tell my self "Just get it over with." The funny thing is, once I get going I love it.  I'm glad I did it.  It gets my day going right and puts me in the right mood.

I recently heard an illustration.  A little boy wanted to cut his dog's tail off.  It is a practice I don't understand, but I guess the kid saw a bob tailed dog somewhere and thought it looked neat.  He wanted his dog's tail to be bobbed (docked) as well, but he didn't want to hurt it.  So he decided instead of cutting the whole thing off, he would just cut an inch at a time.

You see how ridiculous it is.  When we prolong doing what we know is best for us and/or our family, we do way more damage than if we go ahead and get it over with.  I hope you are challenged, I certainly am, to wake up tomorrow morning with a "just get it over with" mindset.

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