Friday, October 18, 2013

Butterflies and Poop?!

Please forgive me for what is probably the weirdest picture I have ever posted.  I didn't take the picture.  I didn't have a camera on me when I ran on the trail yesterday, so I borrowed this picture from another blogger (permission granted from Daren Sefcik).

As usual, a couple hours jogging on the trail gave me plenty of opportunities to see nature in action, only I was very disappointed this time.  We all know flies are disgusting, and worms and spiders and all kinds of creatures are gross to us...but a butterfly? No!

Butterflies are beautiful.  They fly with grace, they land on flowers where they can instantly taste the nectar with their feet.  They suck up the sweet juices and fly back up into the heavens.  They are a wonderful picture of God's children.  We have been saved from our old life of being a "worm" and we have become a "new creature" in Christ.  We soar with our new, God-given wings, and we feast on the wonderful nectar of God's word...

And yet, here you can see these beautiful creatures on poop!  Really?  I had no idea that butterflies eat poop.  Did you know that butterflies don't even poop?  Well, they do, but since all they eat is water and nectar, in the occasion that they take in too much, it comes out in a mist or a tiny drop of water.  So thinking of butterflies as such pure, clean, little guys (do you even think of them as insects?), I was so disappointed to see them on coyote poop.

However, isn't that just like us Christians?  We have an unlimited supply of God's wonderful blessings, and we chose sometimes to eat the "poop" of this world (Well, if the Bible uses the illustrations of a dog who "has returned to his own vomit again" or a "sow that was washed to her wallowing in the mire," I guess I can add mine).  I hope you choose to fly in God's garden of beautiful things today, and to feast on His riches and bountiful blessings rather than what this sinful world has to offer you.

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