Wednesday, January 8, 2014

10 Mile/10 Day Challenge (Day 2 and 3)

Day 2

Yesterday was about 10 to 15 degrees warmer than Monday, which put the temperature at about 5-10 degrees.  I could feel the difference.  I was considerably warmer, of course I had prepared for it and layered the best I know how.  I wrote a little bit about layering about a year ago in "Acclimating to the Cold", but thought I should write a better post about layering and have attempted to do so in a recent post: Layering for Winter Weather

My biggest problem yesterday was in my first layer.  I kind of didn't have one.  I went straight to thermal undershirt with a thick, cotton sweatshirt over that.  I was missing some sort of sweat-wicking shirt underneath to keep me dry.  Instead, my thermal undershirt was soaked with sweat and froze, leaving me with some mild frostbite on my stomach.  This was very miserable during the last couple miles of my run (P.S. we all know we are not supposed to take hot showers when we are frostbitten, right?  Yeah...follow that advice!  I found out I was not an exception).  But I finished (kind of sluggishly) and completed my challenge for the day--10 more miles dedicated to ten teens I am praying for.

Day 3

Today went pretty well.  It was actually close to 30 degrees...above!  Can somebody say "Heat wave?"  I could feel the difference, and I was very comfortable during the run as far as temperature goes.  However, I was experiencing some discomfort in my left knee.  I don't usually struggle with knee problems, and this seems way too early in the challenge to be experiencing stress from overexerting.  We'll keep an eye on it and see what happens in the coming days.  Despite the discomfort in my knee, I finished strong and actually finished a few minutes faster then Monday and Tuesday.  But more importantly, I was able to think about, and briefly pray for 10 more teens on my mind.

Thanks for Reading, and praise the Lord today for His goodness!

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