Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Back To Training (August Review)

As I write this, I'm off to a pretty good running week so far.  Now, if I can keep it up...but I'll save that report for next week.  First, I want to get caught up really quickly on last month's training.  Although I haven't been posting on here for some time, there are two things I have been experimenting with that are helping me with some sort of regular routine and a bit of accountability, I have been posting short videos to a YouTube channel I started, and I have finally started logging my miles on a tracking program called Dailymile, although I still don't have it linked to GPS or anything (I'm way behind on the tech stuff in case you didn't know!)  

First of all, for the YouTube Channel.  For a couple months now, I have been taking some quick, 1-minute videos (trying to post one per week during my runs...or hikes, or any other type of outdoor activity I am doing that week.  This idea started with a conversation I had with some of the teens in the youth group I work with.  They seemed to like the idea, and so did I, so I pursued it.  I have enjoyed posting these videos as I feel sort of like I am sharing part of my run with others, but more importantly, it is an opportunity for me to challenge others with scripture rather than just attempt to inspire physical fitness (which I do believe is important, but to exercise oneself spiritually is of much greater importance).

About the tracking program, I am always seeing friends on Facebook post their running progress through programs like Nike+ and others.  For whatever reason, I found some ultra running friends on Dailymile and decided I would check into this program which seemed simple enough.  So, for about a month now, I have been trying to track my distances and write some brief notes about each run.  There is something motivating about knowing you are going to post your workout results for others to see when you are done.

So, I have decided to use this post to briefly update last month's training, and then if I can keep it up I will start sharing weekly reviews through this blog.  My training should really be increasing in the weeks ahead for some upcoming races I plan to run.  Hopefully, posting all this will help with keeping me to push a little harder...perhaps, in time, it may motivate some readers as well.

August 4-10

This was a pretty good week of running.  I put in more mileage than I had for a while.  I suspected my legs would be really tired, but they weren't too bad until the week after.  I ran 16 on Monday (when video was taken), and then 20 on Tuesday with my brother-in-law who plans on running his first 50 in October.  A couple days later I did a 6 miler and then a 4 miler.  Legs never felt too bad, but really felt it during the next week.

August 11-17
During this week, I only put in three 4-milers.  Each run was miserable as it was very hot and my legs were sore.  In the upcoming weeks I would get acclimated to the heat, but at this time it really paid it's toll on me.
(Did not post a video this week)
August 18-24

I didn't post a video this week as well.  I was thinking I did, but I'm not finding it.  Anyway, it started out a bad week of running as I was still acclimating to the hot temperature and my legs were still sore.  However, Saturday I took part in a "low-key" 6-hour race (not really a race...more like a handful of ultra runners who just needed an excuse to get in a long run).  The course was a two mile loop that we would repeat for 6 hours.  There were more hills than I was used to (nearly all my running had been on the flat Prairie Spirit Trail for quite some time now).  I knew after a few miles that 6 hours was going to be really tough for my legs in these conditions (also very hot, but I think I had started acclimating pretty well by then), so I started to do a LOT of walking.  In 6 hours, I only went 22 miles...but hey! 20 miles is 20 miles!  Chalk it up to some good training for my feet!
August 25-31
Two days after the 20 miler my legs felt great.  I went for a run (mostly on the highway in direct sun, temp. in the 90's) in Fort Scott.  I felt really good, apparently had acclimated to the heat and my legs were no longer tired.  Still had a low-mileage week for whatever reason, but decided I will have to pick it up in September.

The first week of September is now in progress, I'm looking forward to sharing it with you next week! 


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