Friday, April 4, 2008

Logistics for the HBBC Fundraiser Run

Click on this link: to find a map of the trail (that's the best I can do for now with my limited computer knowledge.
You can also Google search the route from the College (4700 NW. 10th Street) to the start of the trail (1500 S. Meridian Ave.).

I will be running with the students at the College from 2:00pm to about 3:00pm at the site of the future chapel building. From there, I will head down Ann Arbor St. to Reno (to avoid traffic on Meridian). Then I will run over to Meridian Ave. and down to the river. I should be at the river by 3:30pm. Got all that?

Next, I will run the river twice. I think it's close to a mile to each bridge intersection, so you can figure on about 11 minutes between each one (yes, I plan on going slow). I should be back to the start at about 6:00pm. Then I have only about 2 1/2 hours until I am back again, totaling about 38 miles in a little under 7 hours. Hopefully there is still a restaurant open when I finish (8:30pm if all goes well) were I can celebrate my finish with a traditional meal of BEEF (in any form), some starchy food (preferably french fries) and COKE--I can't wait!

Thanks everyone for your support, Rocky


Cynthia said...

Rocky it's mother, be wise listen to your body it's the only human one you get. Go get em!
Love you

Rocky Randall said...


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