Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Okay, I have sore muscles in places I forgot I had muscles. I miss running as much as I was, but this is definitely getting me in shape in areas that running didn't. Don't worry though, I will start the running again in a couple months to start training for another ultramarathon.

Let me try to break down my new work-out routine:

Here is a sample:

Just kidding!

Well, kind of. But it is something like that.


-Each workout is full-body, so I only workout every other day. This way my muscles can try to recover a little before my next workout.

-Inspired by the Methode Naturelle method (mentioned briefly in my previous post), each step of the workout flows from one to the other little or no rest in between.

-You do not need a gym or special equipment to do these.

The Workout:

My progression is: Walking, Running, Jumping, Lifting, Crawling, Climbing, Striking


5-10 minutes to warm-up muscles and get the blood flowing.

5-10 minutes to jump start the metabolism and really get the heart pumping.

I prefer leap-frog style (you'll have to ignore the people laughing around you). It can be done leaping from rock to rock, up stairs, on to a step and back down, over objects etc. Do as many reps as you can (increase as strength builds).

Paying attention to form (back straight/bend knees) so as not to injure back, lift logs, rocks, or any heavy object you can manage. Lift straight from the ground, up over your head and lower back to the ground. Do as many reps as you can do without injury (again, increase as strength builds).

Crawl.On all four limbs, crawl up hill, down hill, up stairs, down stairs, etc. for as long as you can manage.

A good alternative to this is 3 level push ups: incline, flat, decline. If you are really advanced, try some of these:

Just kidding again.

Trees branches are good to use (and lots of fun), but for a measure of safety you may prefer a chin-up bar. Learn how to do muscle-ups. I found this video which explains them well (I don't know what's up with the name Demon, but anyway here it is):

I don't no why you will be climbing walls, but if you need to, you can.

Use up the rest of your energy (I'm sure you can find some) on the heavy bag, or anything else you can hit and kick without hurting yourself.

Now if that doesn't work toward getting you in the best shape of your life, I can't help you.

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