Friday, May 2, 2008

Rocky likes to train like Rocky

Why do I like the "natural method"? Easy! Ever seen Rocky IV?

I'm okay with working out in a gym and doing the typical exercises using the "dumb"bells and all, but there is something so much more satisfying about working outside. For instance, I'd much rather be running on a trail somewhere in the woods or out on the open road than stuck inside on a treadmill (although it's a good way to justify watching your show on the television).

For two weeks I have been doing my routine (previous post)every other day as planned, and I definitely feel and see myself getting stronger. Unfortunately, most of the time I am in the gym (I clean the gym every day and decide to work out there as a matter of time-management)which defeats the whole idea of the "natural" method. With the weather being so nice, I have got to get out on the trails. Two miles from the gym is a nice mountain biking trail I like to run on. I think tomorrow I will do my whole routine there with a little more running included into the routine.

As far as running goes, my runs included in my routine are short, but I have gotten up to 7.5 minute miles now (for only 1 mile mind you)and am happy with that improvement. However, I really am having withdrawals from not being able to go and run 10 miles or so at a time, so I am thinking that I might be ready to jog every other day now on the days I am not doing my routine. This means a little more dedication, a little less sleep, and a little less muscle recovery, but I think the combination of the two will really do the trick.

Besides all this, I plan on running a half-marathon on May 17th and haven't ran more than 3 miles in two weeks. Time to get running!

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