Thursday, October 30, 2008

Predictions for the Race

One more ten-miler, a little cross training, and some rest is about all I have planned for training during the rest of this week and next. Never did get that 40-miler in--let alone the two 50-milers I had hoped to do. I did a 20-miler last weekend (a little faster than my normal pace), and a 10-miler this week. Saturday I will do the final 10-miler at race pace (SLOW!), and then that's about it save a couple little jogs next week. But mostly there will be just rest and mental preparation for the beating I am going to take.

I am planning on finishing in under 24 hours despite my low mileage training (or lack thereof), but here are my realistic predictions for the race:
Mile 1-10: Get to know people (supposing there are still people around)and enjoy the morning.

Mile 11-20: Feet start hurting and hunger kicks in.

Mile 21-30: Feel nauseous because I ate to much around the 20 mile mark. Feet really hurt now.

Mile 31-40: Quads get very tired. Family gets very bored. Try to keep a smile on my face.

Mile 41-50: Quads will give up and the rest of my legs will carry the pain. Family starts falling asleep. Feet are gone. Start denying that I can go another 50 miles.

Mile 51-70: A blur.

Mile 80-90: Hate myself and say I will never do this again!!!

Mile 91-99: Feels like another 50-miles, but this time with broken ankles. Start thinking up excuses for why I have to quit even though I am so close.

Mile 100: Start planning for the next 100 miler.

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