Thursday, October 23, 2008

Life IS an Ultramarathon!

I am going for another 30 miler this weekend before tapering. Part will be ran with a buddy who is doing 50--I don't know that I recommend that so close to the race, but he knows his body I guess.

Mostly though, I am getting excited and doing a lot of mental focusing: reading all the info on the Mother Road page, going through the logistics, and looking at pictures of the course. I think this kind of mental focus was a big factor in me finishing the first 100 miler. I just hope I don't go crazy over thinking everything.

You know, I wish I put this much mental effort into other areas of my life: My Spirituality, Family Relationships, Finances... If I was as heavily focused on those things, I would be able to get through the most challenging endurance event of all--life!

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