Friday, October 10, 2008

Just another 30 miler

Ran another 30-miler. If you can really call it running 30 miles. Here is how it went:

I started early as usual (about 2:30am) and jogged 3 miles to an apartment complex where I clean. I quickly finished cleaning an apartment I had been working on the night before and moved my stuff to the next apartment. Then I went back out to the streets.

Then I jogged to the gym that I clean, quickly cleaned it and then went to the treadmill. For 10 miles on the treadmill I followed the 10 mile plan I want to use for my race: walk 2.5 miles, run 5 miles, walk .5 miles, and then run 2 miles. It breaks up the monotony and gives my legs plenty of rest.

The last ten miles were a "run for a while/jog for a while" method with no real structure. It was run partly on lake Hefner. The heat of the sun had come and it felt good after the cool night. The run went well, but I ran out of Shaklee Cinch bars to eat and Shaklee Performance to drink, and only had water for the last 5-miles. Needless to say, I was starving when I got home and for the rest of the day easily ate all the calories I had burned during my run--In answer to all my friends' questions, that's how I can run so much and still weigh 225lbs!

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Josh said...

Starting anything at 2:30am is ULTRA to me... Keep it up!

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