Monday, October 6, 2008

Aaaah! It's Almost Here!

Good night, this event sure krept up on me! I finally got in a thirty-miler in last week (and surprisingly didn't walk much and felt pretty good afterwards). But I never got up to a 50-60 miler like i wanted to. Besides that, my total weekly mileage barely ever got over 40 miles.

I wouldn't write a book on this training method, but I really think I can still do it. I think I can run a 40-miler sometime this week, but I am afraid if I go beyond that I might do some damage that won't heal fast enough.

Anyway, If you are running the Mother Road 100, I hope your training went better than mine. Please let me know,



Tony said...

Time to start your taper? Hope everything goes well! That is quite a challenge you are gearing up for. I can't imagine how it will feel to cross that finish line. It must be pretty amazing.

Rocky said...

Taper?! With my runs so few and far between, I don't really see the need for a taper--or I guess you could say I taper every week.

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