Friday, February 27, 2009

HBBC Fundraiser

Heartland Baptist Bible College is putting on another Walkathon. Last year brought in a significant amount of money to go toward the building of the new Chapel, but wasn't nearly enough. I personally ran thirty miles (at HBBC and the Oklahoma River Trail) and hoped to bring in $3000--I fell a little short at about $600. I guess it was better than the amount I had donated by myself. Thanks for the help if you contributed!

I love to run for a cause, and though I am not ready to run 30 miles again yet (I went almost the entire month of January without running) I am ready to take the challenge to go as far as I can in a two hour period. I think 12 miles should be easily within reach.

Instead of asking for a dollar amount, I am just going to ask for any donations I can get. Please consider helping the College and supporting the Walk(run)athon on March 14th. E-mail me for more info. at

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