Friday, July 17, 2009

Cleaning up Oklahoma Trails

About an hour out of my day (and roughly six miles out of my feet) and look what I have to show for it. On my last post I joked about being rewarded with a Coffee Slingers coffee mug after picking up some trash on the Bluff Creek trail. This time I was rewarded with a box of Hot and Spicy Cheez-its(completely sealed and unopened I must clarify), a bag of Double Stuffed Oreos (weird I know), and of course the reward of having a more beautiful place to run every morning. I just wonder who stashed the food there and if they were ever going to come back for it, but "finders keepers" and all that. Anyway they shouldn't litter on the trail--so there!

Also, I saw a deer--several times. It was kind of eerie. As I stopped to take its picture, I had an interesting thought. If she could take pictures, she would probably be taking mine, too. a few other times on the course, I could hear the deer rustling in the tall weeds, or splashing through the little creek, or see her peering at me from around a tree. I felt like I was being hunted. I'm just glad deer can't shoot guns or this deer might take revenge for all her brothers and uncles who have been eaten and/or mounted on office and den walls all throughout America...I'm just saying.

Anyways, for a guy who weighs two-hundred and none-of-your-business pounds, and hasn't ran much in the last couple weeks, I was sure flying. I felt good on my first 3.25 mile loop (took about 35 minutes). I didn't even time the second lap as I was picking up trash and playing around with my camera phone (and watching out for suspicious-looking deer). So, I guess my upcoming hike in the Rocky Mountains (what a great name) with the men in my Sunday School class may turn out to be a breeze. Now to acclimate to the altitude--I have heard you can do this by breathing through a straw for a period of time each's worth a shot!


Charlie said...

Hi, Found your blog via a comment you made on Anton Krupicka's blog. I read your post on cleaning up Bluff Creek. Thank you. I've always thought I should get out there and do some cleaning myself, but alas, I've found excuses not to (mostly just laziness). But I figure if I want to complain about the trash I see, I should do my part to keep the place clean.
Don't know if you have heard or not, but there is going to be a PAIR of ultra marathons at Bluff in October. There will be a road (thanks to the new 1 mile loop that is currently being paved) and a trail option with time options being 24, 12 and 6 hour races. Check 'em out. Maybe I'll run into you at bluff sometime.

Rocky said...

Yeah, the last couple runs out there, I didn't want to the take the time to bend over and pick up trash--you know what I mean. It is looking pretty bad, so I think I will soon.

About the ultra, I am considering it, but I don't know--kind of expensive. And I wonder about 24 hours or even 12 hours of 1-mile loops.

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