Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What is this?!!!!

The snakes are getting bigger at Bluff Creek. I am seeing more of them, too. Sometimes I have to jump over them or wait for them to slither off the trail (ran one up a tree yesterday trying to get its picture). But that is not nearly a concern of mine compared to what I found the other day (pictured above). Yes, this is a severed deer leg. What was it doing on the trail? What devoured a deer? Will it try to do it to me?

What really creeps me out is that I have ran on that trail at night with a head lamp. At the time, I was more concerned about serial killers or something like that. The first time I was too creeped out and quit after about half way. The second time I ran the 3.5 mile trail (I know I have been saying 3.25 miles, but it depends on where you start--and I personally think the course markings are off by at least a quarter mile anyway). After seeing this severed leg however, I think I will stick to daylight and make a lot of noise.

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