Saturday, August 29, 2009

Running Fat...Still

My diet has been quite the combination of ultra-healthy and down-right terrible. I will start my day with a Shaklee Energizing Soy Protein drink and a hand full of vitamins which include: Vita-Lea (Shaklee's multi-vitamin), Osteo Matrix (calcium and magnesium supplement), and Joint-Health Compound (glucosomine, and other various substances that are great for your joints). I will then drink a tall glass of water, read my Bible (maybe even grab a cup of coffee), and begin my work day--loading my running clothes in the van and hoping for an opportunity to go for a run.

However, a couple hours later I am hungry, so I come home to eat something (be it left-overs or PB and J). I find a bag of chips and start on them. Oh, Valerie made cookies so I've got to have a few...maybe a few more. I got to have milk with them... Before you know it, I have consumed my entire days worth of calories. Even a 10 mile run only burns about 1,000 calories--I get that with my cookies and milk!

Oh well, at least I am taking my vitamins and drinking my protein. Because of this, my immune system stays strong, my recovery time from workouts is faster, and I just feel better. So, here I am still weighing too much (losing 10lbs here and then gaining 10 there), but right now I don't really care. I'm not necessarily training for anything in particular, so I might as well enjoy. I run as much as I can and eat when I am hungry--maybe even a little when I am not. That is that!

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