Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Stubborn Legs!

Have you ever had one of those days where your legs just didn't want to run? Everything else feels great: the weather is good, the lungs and heart are ready for the run, the brain is saying "let's go,"... but the legs are just saying "No!" For no particular reason.

Well, yesterday was like that. I posted on Facebook that I "argued with my legs for about 10 miles, but I won the fight in the end." That is about how it was. I don't believe I had any "real" reason for my legs to be tired, but they were. And, because I was dragging them along, my running "style" was affected. So today my calves, knees and hamstrings are stiff...weird!

On a positive note, I found something that seemed to work well. I hydrated about an hour before the run, so I wasn't too concerned about water. But I haven't been eating sugar except what is naturally in fruit, bread, potatoes, etc. I kind of felt like I was gonna need some energy for this run so I bought a little thing of apple juice from the gas station. Every mile I drank a couple sips and then took off again. Man, my energy level was great. If only it wasn't for those stubborn legs!!!

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