Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Man cannot run on coffee alone.

It seems to be my standard, although I never plan on it. Bluff Creek gets me into shape, and Hefner Lake is the test to see if I am back in shape yet (although twice around Bluff Creek is quite the challenge, too). Yesterday, I found myself back at Hefner Lake to test out the endurance muscles.

I was a little skeptical because, other than the last couple 3-4 mile Bluff Creek trail runs, I hadn't done much running for over a month. But the weather was perfect, and I had the time. Only problem: I had had no fluids that morning except for some coffee when I woke up.

I don't know what I was thinking, but when I stopped at 7-11 for gas, and realized I hadn't eaten breakfast either, I bought a Rice Krispy treat--AND MORE COFFEE!!!
I guess it was just an addictive behavior. When I finally realized how dumb I was for not having bought something different to drink, I just concluded that I would stop and drink water from each of the fountains around the Lake. Another problem: They still hadn't turned the water on since winter!

Oh well, I thought, I will walk until I am done sipping my coffee and then I would just go for it. I took about a mile to finish my coffee (nice, fast-paced walk) and then I went for the other 8 1/2 miles. Everything was fine, although I didn't even try to keep track of my speed. I made it (with plenty of energy), and other than feeling slightly dehydrated, I was okay.

But I still must hold to my belief that man cannot run on coffee alone.

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Charlie said...

Coffee alone, no. But coffee and convincing your self you CAN run on coffee alone, maybe. Some of my best runs are ran with a cup of joe, and brings about such vibrant morning happiness. But alas, I have my coffee, then carry bottles of water on my runs. Still need to meet up with you for a run. I'll be running my 20 miler this Saturday at Hef. Uncertain on a start time, but most likely will be about 5am.

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