Friday, March 9, 2012

Always an adventure awaiting.

Took my son out with me on my last hike, and we found this (okay, I found this picture on the internet, but what we found looks almost identical). Wasn't sure what it belonged to until I looked it up. It was a deer (I am guessing 5yrs old or more based on the research I did).

Once again I have to ask myself, "Could whatever attacked this deer and killed it attack me?" Makes me think once again about hiking all alone in the dark...especially to the sound of gathering coyotes in the distance. Well, there I go again.

But on the other hand, as I told my boy, "If we didn't get outside, and go for a hike, we wouldn't have found this and been able to research and learn something new about the world." To which he replied something like,"Couldn't we have looked it up on the computer even if we didn't find it on the trail."

He's not even a teen yet and I've already lost him.

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Anonymous said...

You havn't lost him yet--He's just from another
It seems almost impossible that you once was running with your dad and now here yiu are the dad running with your son...Boy!!! Am I old. But that is OK because it sure is better than the alterative for now..<3 Gma D <3

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