Thursday, May 10, 2012

Marathoning by November?

I am seeing some good signs that I might be able to get back to long distance running. I recently began somewhat of a training program...although I don't know what I am training for exactly. So, if I need goals I will make some, but I am always prepared for God to change my plans.

Here it goes. On July 13, the day after my 35th birthday, I am tossing around the idea of running a 5K: (starts only about a half mile away from my home). There are a few reasons I may opt out of this one, mainly the festivities leading up to the race, like the "drag" race, some music I don't care to be around; and, no doubt, lots of drinking...yeah, come to think about it, I don't belong in that crowd. But anyway, I want to be ready by that date to run a fast (relatively) 5k and jog a half marathon on a long-run day.

Then, I am considering the Pilgrim Pacer Marathon in Shawnee: This will give me a few months to increase my long runs and polish up my pace a little.

If nothing else, having obtainable goals is vital to the success of a runner, or for that matter, anyone in any genre of life. Take Christians for example: it is hard to give up all the things that the flesh craves even though you know that becoming a child of God demands it. Add to that being faithful to service of the Lord and maintaining a regular prayer time and Bible study time...It can be overwhelming and you just want to quit. I suggest short term goals...a, a training schedule. I works with just about everything you set out to do, but I want to submit that your spiritual walk (or run) should require your utmost attention. I hope to run a marathon in November, but what might I be able to accomplish for Christ?

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