Tuesday, January 8, 2013

(Week 4) Week By Week, Day By Day

So, New Year's Eve I had a good, 16-mile hike/jog, but then comes the New Year...you know, when you're supposed to start fresh and meet all your goals?

-January 1: "Workout cancelled"
-January 2: "Workout cancelled"

...not good.

By the way, I have found myself re-adjusting my training plan every week--I think, for the better.  So here is what I am thinking, instead of starting the year fresh, my focus all year should be starting each week fresh...perhaps even each day.  Every day we mess up our goals and our efforts to do better.  Perhaps this is why the apostle Paul says in the Bible, "I die daily."  So, here I go.  Another week.  Another day.

The secret is, TRY! Keep saying, "I'll do better next time," and TRY.  We all love to point out that "Nobody is perfect," but we forget that Jesus said, "Be ye perfect." Maybe we aren't, but we need to try.  That is my plan for the New Year...no, that is my plan for this next week...and tomorrow morning!

Monday:  Am) 16-mile hike/jog
Tuesday:  Workout cancelled
Wednesday:  Workout cancelled
Thursday:  Am) 1-hr stationary bike + 6-mile jog/hike (1/2)
Friday:  Pm) 1-hr stationary bike
Saturday:  Am) 1-hr on stationary bike
Sunday:    Off

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