Monday, January 14, 2013

Well, If You Didn't Think I Was Nuts Before...

Well, if you didn't think I was nuts before, I'm sure you will now.  Today I start overnight training.  If everything works as planned, I will skip a night of sleep every other Sunday.  Mondays are my days off, so it seems an appropriate time to do this type of training (as I will be a bit like a zombie on those Mondays). 

The idea is that this will help me prepare for the 100 miler.  I'm figuring that the Prairie Spirit Trail 100 will take me about 25-26 hours to complete. This will get me back home just in time to teach Sunday School...very tired and sore.  I'd like to be able to function that Sunday after the race and then rest all day Monday.  For this reason, beyond training to put the miles on me feet, I'm wanting to refamiliarize my body with sleep deprivation (It's not as bad as it sounds...I don't think)

A couple weeks ago, we had the New Year's Eve Lock-In at the church.  That was a start, but today is my first official "overnight training" where I stay up the whole next day after training through the night. We'll see how it goes.

It is 3am as I write this.  So far I have watched a movie with my wife, worked on a couple projects, drank water, stretched, and did a light workout, but now it gets fun.  I'm about to go clean KDOT (it's a side job I do twice a week).  Then, at 5am I will ride the stationary bike for an hour while watching a Bible "read along and listen" dvd (basically, a bit of cheating on my Bible reading time, but it's better than nothing). A little after 6, I will go for a jog on the trail.  Hopefully I'll get about 16 miles done in about 3 hours)  Then, I'll come home and it's back to the projects I didn't finish.

I know it sounds fun to all you freaks, but to you normal people, well...

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