Monday, January 21, 2013

Week 6 "Critical Mass"

Last week may have been a pivotal point in my current training. I significantly increased both speed and total mileage for the week.  Most importantly, I did so without injury or over fatigue.  I think I have reached a point where the training is going to keep improving very rapidly.  I hope this is the case because I have only about 5 weeks to more than double what I am doing now before I feel like I am ready. Then there will be a few weeks to do sort of a taper to rest my legs and avoid injury. 

It is definitely dangerous to increase too much too quickly.  Some say you should increase your total mileage only about 10 percent each week.  I have found that, in training for ultras this is just about never realistic.  You may have to run through some minor injuries and suffer a bit, but you HAVE to increase the mileage!

Last week I went from running about 29 total milrd the week before to 41 miles. That is about a 40 percent increase.  My long runs have stayed under 20 miles (that's what I will be increasing next). In four or five weeks I will try to be up over 80 miles for the week and then I will run between a 40-50 mile long run. If I can make it to that point without injury, I feel like I will be ready to suffer through the 100 miler a few weeks later.

My main concern has been my left leg which I shattered a couple years ago.  I now have two plates and sixteen screws holding it together.  I have been worried about over stressing it, but the funny thing is my right leg has been more subject to soreness in my last few runs.  Perhaps I am over compensating.  Hopefully I will have a good report next week.  Until then, Praise the Lord for all He has done!

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