Tuesday, January 29, 2013

(Week 7) "Moving on..."

Before I embarrass myself about last week, let me say that yesterday evening I jogged a pretty good 20 miler that was encouraging.  I felt pretty good today, too, so I have the rest of the week to see if I can get my mileage back up.  But now, about last week...

Mon. 21st
After all those things I said in my last update about things looking so good, things took a bad turn.  I only ran 11 miles on Monday when I was going to run 25.  My legs were hurting and I felt like I was coming down with something.  I got through it and decided to try again later in the week. 

Tues. 22nd-Wed. 23rd
Feeling kind of sick and still achy, I skipped Tuesday and tried again Wednesday.  Yeah, still feeling bad! And my legs weren't better (surprisingly, it was my right leg that was mostly hurting rather than the "broken" leg).  I only ran 2 1/2 miles that morning and decided to turn around and walk back.

Thurs. 24th-Fri. 25th
I skipped Thursday, still feeling bad.  Then on Friday I was going to see how things went and hopefully get in 20 miles or more.  I barely made it 11, walking a good portion of it.  By this time I was really ready for this week to go away.

Sat. 26th-Sun. 27th
Skipped Saturday.  Took Sunday off as usual. Feeling quite a bit better so I was ready to go for 20-25 miles on Monday morning.

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