Saturday, February 9, 2013

Week 8 "So far so good"

Time hasn't allowed for me to give many detailed updates.  If you follow me on facebook, you have seen some...this is more of a personal journal anyway, I'm not really expecting many to sit around thinking "I wonder what Rocky did this week."  But thanks to those handful that do show interest, I hope I can be some sort of inspiration to you.  I'm sorry, this very short summary will have to do for this week, and I'll give more details when I have some time.

I have bumped up my mileage to 58 miles this week.  Longest run this training period has been 30 miles.  Next week I hope to have closer to 70 total mileage with a 40-mile long run perhaps.  Only 6 weeks to go.  So far so good. Praise the Lord!

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