Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Slight Change of Plans For Race Day

So, things have changed a bit. I am officially entered into the Prairie Spirit Trail Ultra event, but I will be running the 50 miler, not the 100.  This is probably best for a few different reasons. 

First, it is the first ultra attempt since my broken leg.  I have recently run 25-30 mile long runs in training, but I have no idea what I will be like at 50-60 miles.  So, it is probably better to start with a 50 and see what happens.

Second, I committed long ago not to let ultra running interfere with church or church responsibilities.  If I would have ran the 100 miler, I question if I would have been able to make it in under 27 hours at this point.  In order to make it to church in time to teach Sunday School, I would have had to cut off at 26 hours.  If I would have had to quit at mile 95, that would have really stunk! Then, I would have still been extremely tired and sore as I attempted to teach Sunday School immediately after the race.  In a weird way, I was looking forward to teaching while sore and exhausted just to show the teens they can still make it to Sunday School no matter what they did the night before. (Only I thought it would push me to go ahead and finish in under 26 hours--who knows?)

Finally, the 50-miler was paid for.  Can't beat that!  I was about to drop out entirely because I couldn't justify spending the money on the entrance fee.  A friend, who wanted to see me enter, paid my way into the 50 miler in exchange for a little work for them.  Now I have to finish for my friend and I know that this the race I am "supposed" to be running this year.

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