Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Kansas Trail Wild Flower Bouquet For My Wife

I'm always joking about the kids bringing Valerie weeds from the back yard.  It's cute, but everybody knows weeds aren't exactly flower shop material, right?  Then recently on the trail, I've been noticing all the beautiful wild flowers.  What exactly is the difference between a weed and a flower anyway?  Aren't many of the pretty flowers actually weeds?  Then on Facebook, a friend of ours commented how her kid brought a dandelion and how it was so sweet and they are so beautiful and all that. 

I hate dandelions!  But just the same, I have noticed how many other beautiful wild flowers...and weeds (whatever the difference is) are on the trail.  During the last few hikes it crossed my mind to pick some for my wife, but I never did.  This morning, that changed, thanks to the inspiration from the little kids who have no inhibitions about picking wild flowers off the ground and giving them to their mommy.

I hope nobody gets mad about me taking them from the trail.  I assure you, I left plenty and did nothing to destroy the natural habitat.  And I hope the kids aren't to jealous of me taking over (and perfecting I might add) their domain.  But I must say, I picked a Kansas Wild Flower Bouquet that would rival any arrangement in the flower shop (in my humble opinion).  Most importantly, I scored some points with my wife! (Who will probably rearrange them when I'm not around)  

I still haven't researched to find out what makes something a "weed" versus a "flower," (perhaps someone can help me with that)  

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