Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Another Prairie Spirit Trail Ultra--PST "Fall Classic"

I am glad to see that Epic Ultras is putting on another race on my trail (I don't mean "my" in the sense of ownership, but rather in the sense of "my church" or "my family").  As many of you know, the trail is basically in my back yard and has been my regular place for running, hiking, training...and meditating.  I am so glad to see it is getting attention in the ultra world.  When I first discovered the trail, I wondered why there weren't more runners on it.  I began to envision a Prairie Spirt Trail ultra, and several years later I found out I wasn't the only one with that vision.  Honestly, I am so glad someone else with experience and resources took on the task because I had no idea where to start.  Eric Steele of Epic Ultras is probably the perfect man for the job.

The upcoming race is at the end of this October, and it is called the Prairie Spirit Trail "Fall Classic" 50-mile and 50k race.  This is in addition to the new, annual Prairie Spirit Trail 100 and 50-miler that debuted only in march of this year.  They posted a video on their site (You can see me a couple times briefly--On one shot I was laughing and telling the workers I couldn't talk because my mouth was frozen, and in the other shot I was entering an aid station right after the "blizzard" started coming in).

I don't plan on running this "Fall Classic" race, but I am continuing to train for next March where I will be shooting for the 100-miler this time instead of the 50.  I'll try to keep updating the status of my training, but right now there is very little to report...hopefully watching that video, and writing this post will inspire me to get serious about training. 

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