Monday, September 16, 2013

Coming Soon: Interviews With Christian Runners

Here is another idea I would like to pursue.  In order to help this blog to be a little more exciting, and--Lord willing--to reach a broader scope of readers, I thought it might be nice if I started featuring some interviews with other runners.  Because of the thrust of this blog, it will no doubt be limited to my choice of conservative Christians who are runners (primarily marathoners and ultra runners).  Just when I think I am alone in the sport, I find others who share not only my love for ultra running, but more importantly, my love for the faith. 

A little warning in advance:  When posting the interviews, I will most likely feel compelled to openly point out where I may disagree with certain aspects of an individual's beliefs.  This is not to be insulting to others or to cause strife, it is simply because I want every reader to be clear on what my beliefs are and why I believe them.  That being said, the object of this series will not be to discuss the particulars of our beliefs, but simply to share some adventure stories and tips that will interest both devoted ultra runners and devoted Christians.

If you have any names and/or email addresses of runners you feel would fit the profile, please share them with me.  Thanks, and stay tuned for more information.

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