Saturday, November 23, 2013

Silly Personal Training Goals

I have just about reached the 40-mile per week mark.  Starting next week, there will be 18 weeks till race day (I'll post my 18-week training plan sometime next week).  If all goes well between now and my next ultra marathon, it will likely be the most consistent training I have had and the best prepared I have ever been for race day. 

I tend to change my plan a hundred times before race day, but since I have been pretty faithful to stick with my original plan, I decided to make a basic plan that I can stick with...and if I post it for all to see, I will feel obligated to stick with it and give updates to my progress.  But first, here are a few "silly" goals I have added for no other reason except I think they would be fun:

1. After I reach my first 60 mile week, I want to run 10 miles per day for 10 consecutive days. 

2.  Before tapering, I want to run from my house to Fort Scott (around 60 miles) for my longest training run.

3. Before my longest training run, I want to run back-to-back marathons (Example: 26.2 miles on Monday morning and 26.2 miles on Tuesday morning)

4.  I'd like to have at least two 100-mile weeks before tapering.

Having little "silly" goals like this, can make it more interesting and give a different flavor to your training.  I'll plan on posting the results of each of these challenges as I take them on.  Thanks for following.

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Rocky said...

My house to Fort Scott is actually only about 40 miles, but the location I am talking about is actually in Nevada, MO (state line)

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