Tuesday, September 23, 2014

September 15-21 Review

Scripture challenge of the week: Philippians 1:21

Yesterday (Monday the 22nd) I ran 25 miles.  That was the total mileage I ran for the whole prior week (15th-21st).  I planned on running twice that, but I'm not complaining.  I think the extra rest helped my body recover.  It wasn't intentional, though, it was just a matter of time and priorities...but such is the nature of ultra marathon training.

As far as my "virtual run across Kansas," this week didn't quite take me to Oakley, KS.  In order to make it across Kansas in my 9 week goal, I know I have to average close to 50 miles per week, so I'll really have to make it up after this past week.  That is okay, though, because I plan on getting up to 80 a couple times before it is over.  Following is a break down of the daily mileage from last week:

Monday, 15th (10 miles)
Prairie Spirit Trail, Carlyle.  Great run.  Not too hot, but humid.

Tuesday, 16th (6 miles)
Prairie Spirit Trail, Carlyle.  Great run.  Stiff at first, but warmed up and picked up the pace.  Lot's of energy

Wednesday, 17th (0 miles)

Thursday, 18th (3 miles)
Prairie Spirit Trail, Carlyle.  Great run.  Evening run.  Felt very good.  Kept a steady 8:30 - 8:40 minute/mile pace.

Friday, 19th (6 miles)
Prairie Spirit Trail, Carlyle.  Not such a great run.  Energy was very low as I had not eaten much that day.  I tried eating PB&J right before running, thinking the sugar might enter the blood stream quickly enough...but it was too late.  I pushed through, but it was sort of a tough 6 miles.

Saturday, 20th (0 miles)

Sunday, 21st (0 miles)

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