Monday, September 15, 2014

Setember 8-14 Review

Weekly "challenge from scripture"
(Sorry for the poor quality of video)
 My first week of the "Virtual run across Kansas" went well.  I put in about 43 miles, which is not far from the average I need to keep up for 9 weeks, plus I will be increasing that mileage (hopefully) week by week.  Each day, I add my mileage to the route I created on DailyMile,  go to Google Maps and get a street view (if possible) of the area I would be at that time, and then update my Prairie Steps Facebook page.  This has already been a blast.  I am learning how small the towns are in Western Kansas, but the skies and landscape are beautiful in my opinion.  Unless it is extremely windy or there is a lot of traffic on I-40, I think this adventure would be a lot of fun if it I were really running that route.

Here is a review of last week:  

Saturday, Sept. 13

3.1 mi.

00:24:48. It started out pretty cold, but we warmed up quickly. I'm not used to running fast, so my lungs were burning, but my legs and heart felt great.

Friday, Sept. 12

6.5 mi.

Great, easy effort run. 10 min./mile pace. 60 degrees or less and misty.
Thursday, Sept. 11
7.25 mi.

I added a little extra to this route. It was a nice, cool morning with a slight mist. My legs and lungs felt really good. I ran without a watch/phone, but basically I ran about 10 minute miles for 4 miles, 9-9.5 minute miles for 2 miles, jogged a mile, and walked a quarter mile.
Wednesday, Sept. 10
8 mi.

Not going to say I felt "great," but it was a nice, easy run this morning. I was surprised that the hill work and little bit of speed work yesterday didn't leave me with much stiffness or sore muscles. I guess I could increase intensity a bit, but I've got a lot of time ahead of me, Lord willing.

Tuesday, Sept. 9
5 mi.

Hard to tell the exact mileage. I decided to do some hill work and a bit of speed work on slightly tired legs. Legs felt fine through it all. I also ran in the heat of the day, and it seemed to speed my heart rate up a bit, but I managed to have a pretty good workout.

Monday, Sept. 8

13.53 mi.

Pretty steady (slow) pace. Nice weather, but sweat a lot. Ran out of fluids early and was very thirsty.

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