Tuesday, October 7, 2014

September 29 - October 5 Review

Scripture Challenge of the week from Proverbs 24:16
Total milage for my virtual run across is now at 174 miles.  I would have just ran through the small towns of Victoria and Gorham, KS.  I would soon be making my way to Russell, which I'm pretty sure is the around the half way point.  This means I have averaged about 6 miles a day for 30 days (a little behind my plan, but well within reach of my overall goal of reaching the Missouri line in 9 weeks from September 8th). 
Regarding my training, I am now entering my taper for the 50 miler on the 25th, so my mileage will go down for awhile and then creep back up after a couple weeks.  I didn't get in my last 30 miler, but I'm going to just trust my training so far and start resting my legs a bit for race day.  Following is a brief review of last week's training:
Monday (22 miles) Just wanted to keep moving for 5 hours.  I worked on my power hike for first 5 miles and then mile 16, the rest I jogged at about 11 min/mile pace.  Felt pretty good.
Tuesday (Off) Meant to run 10 miles, but didn't make the time.
Wednesday (10 miles) Legs were a little tired, and I ran in a thunderstorm for a couple miles, but I pressed on and had a pretty good run.
Thursday (6.5) Legs a little tired, but pressed on with no problems.
Friday (6.5) Legs a little tired, but pressed on with no problems.
Saturday (5.0) Ran at close to midnight.  Low energy as I hadn't eaten much.  Pressed on for about 4
miles and then felt completely drained. Walked the rest.
Sunday (Off)

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