Wednesday, October 15, 2014

October 6-12 Training Update

Scripture challenge of the week:
(Sorry for another poor quality video.  It's all I've got to work with at the time.)
Mileage is down as I am now in the middle of my taper for my 50 miler, but I'm still making bits of progress on my virtual run across Kansas.  Passed through Russell, KS and am now making my way to Salina.  Soon, I'll be departing from Old Highway 40 and following I-70 for a while.  Following is my mileage for last week:
Monday - off
Tuesday - Jogged an easy 8 miler.  Felt good after taking a few days off 
Wednesday - Speed hiked 3 miles
Thursday - Speed hiked 2 miles 
Friday - Ran some, Hiked some.  Averaged 12 min/Mi.
Saturday - off
Sunday - off
Sure hope I'm not taking it too easy.  I always feel like I'm doing something wrong during a taper!

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