Saturday, January 17, 2015

A Couple Days Of Rekindling My Running Flame


Day 1.  I knew I was out of shape, but what a better time to start pushing myself to get back in shape than our trip to Oklahoma City.  There, I have some running spots that sort of "started it all" for me.  When I first got into running seriously, I discovered Bluff Creek Trails behind Hefner Lake.  This is where I ran my first trail run.  It was a 12K (twice around the trail).  After that, I was hooked.
So, on a recent trip we took for a preaching conference.  I decided I would at least get one run/hike around Bluff Creek.  I did, and I thouroughly enjoyed every minute of it (even though it paid it's toll on my lazy lungs and leg muscles.  It took me way longer than it should have, but I made it around and was very satisfied!
Day2.  The next day I was feeling pretty good.  3.5 miles of pretty technical trails hadn't really done any damage.  So, I was ready to hit my second favorite run--Hefner Lake.  I suspected I would feel this one, simply because it is 9.5 miles.  I have hardly had a 9.5 mile week in the last couple months, let alone a 9.5 mile day after running Bluff Creek the day before.  Nevertheless, I went for it.  I had about 20 oz. of water to drink (got me through about 7 miles before I ran out), and so I laced up my truck key to my shoe laces, grabbed my bottle, and headed off into to sun.  It was a nice enough day, I half way suspected a little burn on my face, but I didn't burn...well, my face didn't, but my legs were sure burning at the end.  I took it slow, but like I said, "Out. Of. Shape!"

Over all, I didn't need much recovery for my legs, and so I suspect I'm ready to up the mileage to about 20 per week for a while.  I'm not sure when my next ultra will be (it might not even be an official ultra), but I'm ready to get "ultra fit" again!

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