Saturday, December 12, 2015

Introducing the "Footprints on the Kansas Trails" Project

After a long spell of putting this blog on the side burner, I recently made the decision to take it in a different direction.  There is a vision I have had ever since I first changed the name of the blog to "Prairie Steps" about 4 years ago, but I haven't taken any steps toward making the vision a reality...until now.
Footprints on the Kansas Trails Project - Film #1 
"Running on the Lehigh Portland Trails"

First, if you don't know me, allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Rocky, I am currently a youth minister/pastor's assistant at Iola Baptist Temple in Iola Kansas.  I run.  But honestly, I don't know if I can really identify as "a runner."  I love the outdoors, I love challenges...I love adventure.  I like running, but I'm just as satisfied with a nice brisk hike through the woods, a canoe trip down a river, or even sleeping under the stars next to the nice, cozy flame of a campfire.  When I do run, I run at my own pace.  I'm not fast.  And I walk when I get tired.

So, it seems like quite a stretch for me to try to inspire anyone to become "a runner."  No one is going to read my blog or watch a video clip of me running in order to pick up pointers on how they can shave time off of their next 5K or half-marathon (I might be able to help a little, simply from experience and reading lots of material on running).  And, even though I enter into ultra distance races because I love the challenge, I can't give much advice on ultramarathons either. 

Mostly, I just like the excuse to get out in nature, get some exercise, suck in all the oxygen off of the evergreens, listen to the rhythm of my footsteps and the singing of the birds.  I like the opportunity to get alone with God, thank Him for His beautiful creation and for the opportunity to serve His Son Jesus with all my heart and all my soul.  And in the process, I like to share it all with others.

That's what this vision is all about.  I want an excuse to see all the trails that are near by, from the most popular trails, to the "best hidden secrets."  I also want to be able to share them with others and encourage everyone to enjoy the benefits of getting out in nature.  So, I began to dream a couple dreams.  Who knows where they will take me, but while I'm waiting to see, let's just have some fun!

For now, I have absolutely no budget for this project.  I can't afford very many days off to make videos and write stories of my adventures. I don't have any equipment except for a few free programs on my computer and a cellphone.  I have nothing by way of sponsors or financial supporters... But as you can see, I'm still able to put a little bit together.  So, I hope you will enjoy it.  Please follow this blog, subscribe to my YouTube page, and like my Facebook page if you are interested in seeing the future of Prairie Steps.  I have a lot of ideas, but I'm up for suggestions and any advice you can offer.

Thanks for reading.  Remember, life is always an adventure.

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