Thursday, December 17, 2015

Can't Leave Out the Creek Side!

I was out on the trail this morning, going for a hike.  It's starting to feel like December now.  I didn't originally plan on it, but couldn't help but to take several more shots of the trail in hopes of using some of them to put together episode 2 of "Footprints on the Kansas Trails." Everything was just so peaceful and beautiful this morning, I wanted to try to capture it.

There are so many other Kansas trails I have found in researching for this project, but there is this section of the Lehigh Portland Trail that was not featured in the first video, and I want everyone to be able to see it. It is on the creek side (I think it is Rock Creek) of the trail. It is only about a mile, but I wanted to treat this part of the trail separately.

I'm looking forward to putting this video out, but there will have to be at least one more session before I get all the shots I want to have.  The video quality will still be pretty poor, because I'm still just using my cellphone, but I think it will capture the essence of hiking on this portion of the Lehigh Portland Trails.  It should be obvious why I wanted to treat it separate from the other video.  Keep following to see the progress. Thanks.

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