Thursday, January 7, 2016

Relax, Explore, Create

Ok, so once again I find my little ADD brain scattered in way too many directions.  I always get to this place, and then I have to evaluate, eliminate, and organize a little bit.  So here it is:

I have summarized what Prairie Steps means to me with these three words--"Relax," "Explore," and "Create."  I find trails, running and hiking, and art all to be relaxing.  I love to explore and find new adventures.  And "creativity" defines who I am in many ways.  Prairie Steps has been allowing me the opportunity to do the things I love to do, whenever time allows. 

So, every time I can I am grateful to share these things with others who find any type of inspiration or pleasure from my little adventures or my artwork.  Please share this blog with anyone you think would enjoy.  Thanks.

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