Friday, January 29, 2016

Update on Prairie Steps Coloring book Project (Week 4)

I'm making some pretty good progress on the book.  It feels like it has been several months since I started this project, but I'm actually still in the first month.  I had hoped I'd be close to done by now, but now, looking at all that goes into such a project, and being determined to put out some good quality artwork, I'd say it will probably still take another couple months to make all the art...let alone getting it digitized, edited, formatted, and published.

I'm always so eager to complete a project I'm on because if I don't get it done pretty quickly, I am likely to move on to something else.  I have no intention of giving up on this project, but I have seen that personality trait popping up in the creation of my artwork.  I'm good to get about two pieces done in one particular style before trying something different.  At first I was afraid I had several different coloring books going on at the same time, but now I think a conglomeration of styles combined into one book will work just fine.  That is pretty representative of my personality, so since the book is primarily tied to a blog about my outdoor adventures running, hiking, etc. it seems fitting that it should be a good representation of what is inside my head.

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