Monday, June 9, 2008

Dean Karnazes uses Shaklee


I just found out that Dean Karnazes, who I have promoted many times and who has had a lot to do with me running ultra marathons uses and endorses Shaklee (the company whose products I also promote and sell). Click here to find out more.

I recently posted on this blog that my next 100 miler was to be ran completely on Shaklee products. Now more people might know what I am talking about.

Some of Dean’s Achievements:

• Winner, Atacama Crossing, 2008

• Winner, Dead President’s Ultra, 2007

• Completed 50 marathons, 50 states, 50 days, then ran 1,300 miles from New
York City to St. Louis (AS A COOL DOWN!), 2006

• Winner, Vermont Trail 100, 2006

• Winner, Badwater Ultramarathon: The World’s Toughest Footrace, 2004

• Winner, Arabian Stallion Award, Angel’s Crest 100-Mile Endurance
Run, 2003

• Winner, Outdoor World Championships, 2000

• Eleven-time Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run Silver Buckle holder

• Ran 350 continuous miles

• Six-time finisher of the Saturn Relay ultradivision (199 miles nonstop solo)

• First and only person to run a marathon to the South Pole in running

• Competed in over 100 extreme endurance events around the globe

• Member of the American Ultrarunning Team representing the USA at the 2005 World

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