Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Running Fat!

Okay, enough of Dean and enough of Shaklee. I want to write more about the status of my training for the 100-miler. I am glad to write that I have had NO injuries this training period. Several days ago I ran 14 miles and my hip bothered me a little. I got worried, but it was completely better the next day. That and a little pain in the heel every now and then is about the best I could ask for as far as injuries go.

I am very surprised that running has been so easy lately considering I am training at about 226 lbs right now. I got down to 205 lbs two years ago when I ran the first Mother Road 100. My goal this time was to get down to 190 lbs. Typically it makes since that less weight helps you to run better. But the fact is, I have had very little, if any, restrictions on my diet and have gained weight in the last few months until now when I am seeing a plateau at about 224-226 lbs--and my running seems to be as effortless as ever! I feel like I am ready to start doing a couple 20milers a week now along with my typical 4-8 mile daily runs (5-6 days a week).

Granted, I gained a few pounds of muscle during weight training in the previous couple months, but I have got to admit that junk food, sweets, sodas, etc. has contributed the greatest to the amount of body weight I am presently carrying.

I think I sweat a little more than I use to, but at 90 degrees I am drinking a lot of fluids and need to sweat a lot to stay cool. My heart feels strong, my legs feel strong, I am not crashing much during my long runs, I can still get by on very little sleep, and my body is not getting sick or run down...Man! As much as I want to get down to 190 lbs. I have to ask myself "Why change my diet?"

I think the advantages of not restricting my diet are obvious. I am getting plenty of calories from each food group to sustain my muscles. Besides this, I take my vitamins regularly (at least every other day--Shaklee, of course)and I get plenty of protein (including Shaklee Physique as a supplement after workouts--also great for muscle recovery). But I am not saying that limiting my simple sugars and bad fats wouldn't benefit me, I am just saying that they haven't seemed to hurt much so far--to my surprise.


chris said...

You said enough of Shaklee but you could not resist the plug at the end of your post, could you? ;-)

Glad to hear the injuries are staying away. And I agree, why Change the diet? It seems to be working.

Anonymous said...


Keep it up brother. Praying for you in your next race.


Rocky said...

What can I say? You can't sell it if you don't talk about it.

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