Thursday, July 3, 2008

Yeah, about last week...

A whopping 8 miles when I should be running about 50 miles per week now! Well, let me explain, and surprisingly I feel like it was a good training week:


I felt a little ambitious and decided to do some weight lifting with a friend of mine. We did some heavy leg work, and since I'm use to lighter weights and more reps, I overdid it a little.

Limping from Monday's work out, I took another friend of mine (a young man who has been doing some running with me to stay in shape for sports)to run some stadium stairs. After 3 repeats up and down the stairs (little stairs/big stairs/little stairs), we jogged it off around the track. Then we did 2 more sets the same way. Ordinarily, I could have handled this, but after Mondays heavy weights, this hurt pretty bad.

Forget about running! Instead, I killed my biceps with the same friend I worked out with on Monday--He is a monster!

I took the same young man I ran stadium stairs with on a 4 mile trail run. Yes, I was still hurting!


Wanted to get a long run in, but it hurt too bad. I only did a couple miles on the treadmill.


I felt like I could get in a good long run, but I opted out when some guys were meeting together for a basketball game. Why not! I played hard and soon felt like I tore a muscle in my quads.

Sunday my quad muscle still hurt pretty bad and I was worried about my training, but by Monday this week, I felt great and got 12 miles easy miles in with little effort and no soreness to follow. More details on this week to come.

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